Manuel Marin was born in 1942 in Murcia, Spain. When he was 20 he travelled to London and worked in an art gallery where he met the famous British sculptor, Henry Moore who employed Marin as his assistant in making bronze sculptures.


In 1964 Marin moved to New York where he worked as an Art restorer in the Mallorca Brothers’ Gallery. He then decided to open his own gallery called, ‘The American Indian Art Gallery’, where one of his clients was Andy Warhol, who became a great friend, as did William Kooning, Jean Michel Basquiat and the artist Robert Indiana amongst others.


In 1969 Marin became interested in mobiles as sculpture, inspired by the work of Alexander Calder, whose influence can clearly be seen in this sculpture. While acknowledging Calder's influence, Marin made his sculptures structurally more robust than Calder's without diminishing their elegance and poised equilibrium.


In 1970 he had his first exhibition at the Allan Brown Gallery in Scarsdale, New York and subsequently exhibited all-over the world, he became internationally renowned for his distinctive, brightly colored mobiles.

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